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November 11, 2008

Have I ever told you I met a canadian spy?  I did.  And a handsome one too;  tall, silver hair, steely blue eyes.  It was many years ago.   I was working for the Canada Employment Centre for Students during university and we received in error a fax from Hawaii with details of US military personnel itineraries.  The cover sheet looked something like the Stealth.  High drama in the office when we received it, let me tell you! In any case, said spy came in and crisply asked us to turn over the documents, and that was that.  *le sigh*.

More seriously, some factoids about the Cdn budget and military/defense tax dollar expenditures:

Since my encounter, the budget for CSIS has more than doubled$356 Million for 2008.

N00b spies on probation (which takes 5 years) start out with a salary in the mid 50Ks and move up to the 70K range.

In 2006, we injected $5.3 Billion into the Department of National Defence as part of the Canada First Defence Strategy.

$6 Million has been allocated towards enhanced drivers’ licences.  This particular one is seriously concerning, folks – sounds innocuous, enhanced, but what it means is biometric data about you will be embedded into your driver’s licenses.  We will be required to swipe these, for instance, every time we cross the border, starting 2009.  This means the US is collecting very intimate information about you and storing it …well, who knows where or how securely?

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  1. Traciatim

    In case you didn’t actually read the description of the new cards they will contain an RFID chip that have an account number so that authorized people could access a database with your information, exactly what they do already with your drivers license number that they type in when you cross the border now.

    Also, the ‘biometric data’ is simply a picture of you that they can use to compare to other people to make sure one person can’t get to licenses with different names on them. Your picture is already on your license, but I’m assuming now they are going to store data like how far apart your eyes are, is one ear slightly lower than the other on your head, and other information that can be seen simply by looking at your face. Wow, scary . . . oh, that and they now reserve the right to declare you a future murderer based on your biometric data and lock you up for life and torture you daily with hot pokers. . . other than this it’s pretty run of the mill stuff 🙂


    Nov 12, 2008
  2. @Traciatim There’s two parts to this – the d/l and then the readers. There are all kinds of possibilities for things to go horribly awry – as the civil liberties association and the privacy commissioner have brought up.
    eg. it incorporates a radio-frequency ID chip that may be insecure, it has been imposed on Canada by the US dep’t of homeland security, it may contain citizenship info, and now our simple drivers’ licences are no longer just that, instead, the data (including images of us) will be stored in a database. So being authorized to drive a car has been expanded from simply a piece of ID we flash, to contributing to databases which could absolutely be misappropriated (not to mention security leaks).
    Creeps me out!


    Nov 12, 2008
  3. Traciatim

    If you are really that concerned about it, I’m sure others are too. A great idea I just had that preys on the irrational fear of others would be to develop a faraday shield wallet for all your RFID enabled credit cards and ID’s. Only 19.95! . . . and that’s not ALL you get!

    I wonder how easy it would be to design . . . hmmm.

    Actually, people have already beat me to it. Damn them, it was my idea!



    Nov 12, 2008
  4. @T You are fabulous. Although I obviously consider these fears “prudent” not “irrational”.


    Nov 12, 2008
  5. Night clubs already abused people’s privacy rights by storing info scanned off driver’s licenses… on some levels that bothers me more than the feds.


    Nov 16, 2008

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