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A week ago I accepted a challenge from the Cdn Chiropracters’ Association to find 15 minutes in my day, every day, to get active. Having successfully completed the challenge, I’m in a draw for an iPod Touch and I have an iPod Shuffle and $20 iTunes card to give away!

Some people are into fitness.  They love their workouts, or going for runs, or playing squash.  Me?  Meh.  Not so much. (a fact I find woeful, but what can you do?)  But 15 minutes every day?  This I could do.   But I knew I had to do stuff that didn’t feel like exercise.   Also, since it’s Summer In Yellowknife, I’d be crazy to spend the time inside (plenty of inside time coming up starting in October).   So I decided to make a bit of an adventure for myself.

Day 1: I dug up half my garden with the help of my trusty daschund.  It’s my first garden ever!  The permafrost is gone as of a couple weeks ago, but with the long hours of daylight, a good garden crop is still possible.


Day 2: I went for a Geology 101 walk on some billion year-old precambrian shield with my loyal companion.


Day 3: Hiked to the top of Bush Pilots Monument (sans hounds) and was rewarded with this view:

It’s not the grind (hat tip, @Salbrecht), but still …

Day Four: I wound down at the day’s end with some free Yoga
(thanks, iTunes!)

Day Five: I danced like no one was watching! And I sure hope no-one was – it was my first drum dance, and it was about midnight on Solstice in the north, and Aboriginal Day (ahem, judges, is that not the Ultimate Canadian Fit in 15?) Again – I’m no videographer – for heavens sake I was dancing while I was recording – this is just evidence I was there!

Day 6: I finished the second half of my garden

and Day 7 – alas! I had hoped to culminate my week with a swim in the Great Slave Lake but since it was POURING RAIN (a rare occurrence up here – we have the sunniest summers in Canada) , and only about 15C, if that, I opted out of that particular adventure for now. Instead, I Unpacked a Very Large Box which I hadn’t yet opened since my move. It involved hauling the box around, moving furniture, and working up a bit of a sweat, and took me well over 15 minutes so I figure that counts!

Mission accomplished! It was a lot of fun. I was active and I accomplished a lot while I was at it. I got to know my new home better, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone with the dance, my garden is ready for plants and I made further progress in unpacking! Not bad for just 15 a day, eh?
The ‘hounds thought it was marvellous too.

Thanks, Canadian Chiropracters! (here’s lookin’ at you, Michael)


Thanks so much to everyone who popped by to encourage and make suggestions this past week.

The winner, who got 2 points for doing an activity and leaving a comment, is BRAD!
Brad, to collect your prize, please leave a comment below and include your e-mail address. NO ONE will see your address but me. Then I’ll e-mail you back so I can get your mailing address. Congrats!

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  1. Jeryes

    My name is Brad on a good day.


    Jun 24, 2009
  2. brad

    Wow, got in just under the wire (I hope!). In fact I didn’t see your post announcing me as the winner because I was exercising: we got back last night from a week-long 440-km bicycling vacation.



    nancyzimmerman Reply:

    Hi Brad! I’ve sent an e-mail to you with details on how to claim your prize. Welcome back – that’s an impressive vacation!


    Jun 30, 2009


  1. Hey Brad, you won the iPod shuffle! | Nancy Zimmerman: a canadian money coach (not a financial planner!)

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