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It was easy to suggest Free Things To Do in Vancouver.
Yellowknife’s harder. There ain’t no Stanley Park or Starbucks here!

Thankfully, Yellowknife has a thriving citizen-engagement culture, so I’ve found a couple free activities that I really enjoy:

1. Cinema Politica shows films that are eye-opening and informative, at least once a month. It’s by donation, and includes popcorn! To date I’ve viewed Blue Gold which has significant implications for the NWT, and Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai, the story of a Nobel Prize Winner who has started replanting trees in Africa. You’d be hard pressed not to leave inspired, awestruck by some of the activist work done, and much better informed.

2. I’ve also joined , for a dollar, AlternativesNorth, a social justice/green kinda group. We meet for lunch every Wednesday. It’s a crowd of well-informed, creative thinkers who hold out an worthy and exciting vision for the NWT. During those meetings, I’ve met the Minister of Finance, a woman documenting the effect of toxics on people in the North, a man writing a position paper on the Green Economy (or potential of) in the NWT – you get the picture! I mean, just imagine discussions about how to develop local-food initiatives in the frozen north. That takes chutzpah!

Well these freebies may not leave me as fit as a Seawall walk, my capacity as a citizen is growing by the week. I feel good about that!

Readers: over to you! What does your community have to offer, that’s free, or nearly? It doesn’t have to be political – just something interesting or fun or healthy, that’s free. You know, true north, strong, and FREE!

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  1. What a wonderful way to help people save/enjoy/grow. My problem is not finding free intellectually-stimulating events…it is in setting boundaries with people who think I should be doing something else. Visiting via Netchick.

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    May 22, 2009

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