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CoffeeSome time ago, after resisting all the way through university, I succumbed to the coffee culture. My blogger friend Jack, whose story with money can be found here, today wrote about how he indulges in coffee on a regular basis, by investing in his home inventory.

Coffee no longer a dark hole

I confess: I love my coffee and I can be found in the line up of one of our region’s coffee stores at least twice a day. I prefer drip coffee or a shot of espresso. This means my habit costs about four bucks a day. Not a bank breaker.

Along comes a friend who is passionate about coffee. As the months pass, he convinces me I need a coffee grinder for home and a French Press coffee maker. Says he: anyone can make better coffee than what is served as most coffee shops.

He’s right. I’m now at the point where I can bring out the distinguishing flavours of the varietals. Bet you didn’t know some coffee beans have hints of chocolate. The Kenyan Peaberry I sampled yesterday boasted citrus overtones. Who knew this stuff is just like wine.

So here is the bottom line (this is a money blog, so there needs to be a bottom line): I’m still having two cups a day, but a third of them I make myself. I have invested $250 in a burr grinder and a French Press. Factoring in the beans I buy, I am saving $25 a month. The equipment is paid for in 10 months.

That’s all great, but the real story is I have learned so much about coffee and how best to prepare it. I have met baristas and coffee-loving folks who are sharing their knowledge and passion with me. The hands on approach is taking my appreciation for java to whole new level. Money can’t buy this experience and I have just a little more in my pocket.

Any other caffeine freaks out there with us?  How do you save money?(or is it desecration to consider finances when thinking about coffee??)

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  1. Jack – thought of your post this morning. I have one of those italian (?) stovetop espresso makers, and as I heard the coffee perculating, thought: that’s one of the most delightful sounds in the world. I boil some milk, whisk it into foam, add the espresso … my own little ritual to start the day.


    Sep 12, 2007
  2. Yes, those stove tops make good espresso. I still use my Italian stove top espresso maker for travels. It makes a great cup of coffee. Coffee is like wine, depending on what region the bean came from and also how well the beans have been roasted, make a big difference in the taste. I have my 3 – 4 cups a day, usually starting off with a latte or long espresso and the cup is getting shorter the later the day. Usually ending with a Ristretto after dinner. I have had my own espresso machine at home for the past 17 years and saved a lot of money by having most of my coffee right at home. I still go the coffee shops though whenever I get a chance, meaning having the time to sit in the coffee shop and enjoy the coffe and atmosphere while relaxing drinking the coffee. My current espresso machine is the ones my company distributes here in BC and Albert called Nespresso. We currrently have our limited edition coffee from the two highest volcanoes in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Great taste and as mentioned already by Nancy, better tasting that most espressos you can get in town at a coffee shop. Coffee is a great thing and according to many new studies published in local and international Newspapers with a lot of health benefits…..abviously when consumed in moderation, just like wine! Cheers.


    Sep 12, 2007

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