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Cha-ching; cha-ching! Some awesome deals this week.

Freebie #1

tilldebtusdopartbmp.jpeg If you read this blog, I bet you know this show, featuring Gail Vaz-Oxlade
who works with couples up to their eyeballs in debt, and gets them turned around.

She does very similar work as me, but she’s a lot further down the road professionally. She rocks, imho. (although I’m a lot softer in my approach)

Freebie: teleseminar with Gail as the guest for 100 people hosted by Cdn Financial Advisor. Just go register on his site (I imagine you’ll get follow up e-mails, so use your ‘casual’ e-mail address like yahoo or hotmail). I’ll be on the call too, if I can at all manage it.

If you’ve never done a teleseminar before, you will receive an e-mail with the ph# plus a code. Usually, the guest/host talk for a while, then the lines are opened to take questions directly to Gail.

Freebie #2 (for my fellow Metro-Vancouverites): Free Vivaldi Concert this Friday

98805343_44f227792f_m.jpg Pacific Baroque Orchestra

is offering a free (or by donation) concert this Friday, 7:30pm (I think) at
St. James Anglican Church (my parish). These concerts are especially intended for residents of the dtes, but all are truly welcome (we’ve yet to pack out the house, so there’s room for you).

Concert Program: Vivaldi! Featuring the exhilerating “Gloria” with a 30-voice children’s choir from Victoria. (ps: you likely have heard “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi).

Shoutout to my classical music blogger friends – care to join me for the concert? David, Urbanista, AmicusMusic?

Or blogging neighbours, CarollSill, Krystal, DavidEby, Steven VancouverManifesto and the inimitable Sean of BeyondRobson? (or you guys going to NorthernVoice, like everyone else?)

Freebie #3 BirthLounge 2: theme – how to source locally for your babies


On March 8th, Birth Lounge will host the second annual Birth Fest at the
Britannia Community Centre 10am-3pm, Gym D.
Birth Fest explores the philosophy of the Hundred Mile Diet by bringing together local maternity care service providers, vendors and performers to celebrate all that is available for growing families close to home.

  • Who makes your diaper rash cream?
  • Where can you get home-made prepared meals for those busy days after the baby is born?
  • Where can you find toxin-free, wooden toys for children?

And Freebie #4

My offer is still on for my free e-book, “RRSPs in Plain English” – just e-mail me at nancy (symbol) your money by design (make that one word) dot com (fyi – if you don’t usually read blogs, we spell out our emails weird like that to prevent spam robots from understanding our addresses). Prefer to see, rather than read? In that case, one more time:

ps: and as always, it’s worth taking a gander over to Bargainista to see what she’s found by way of great deals.

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  1. Yes, I will be at Northern Voice. But give nme a heads up for the next classical concert, please, as I do like this – and the ‘free’ bit doesn’t hurt either


    Feb 20, 2008

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