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smiley kidJust discovered the vancouver blog: overheard in vancouver, in which Vancouverites post conversation snippets they overhear. Did a query for ‘money’ and this is what i found:

Money well spent
Overheard on Granville St.:
Guy to his buddies: “You’re going to spend our hooker money on a cab?”

This would make a mother proud

Overheard at Kits pool over the long weekend. Two bling-ed out bikini clad teens pondering their future careers …
Teen #1 ” He earns like $250 k a month!”
Teen #2 ” Jesus what does he do?”
Teen #1 ” He’s a ganster. Can you imagine what its like to have that much money”
Teen #2 ” […]

That’s what friends are for

Overheard on the street in Kits,
Four young, teenage boys walking down the street:
One kid in the group says to another, “Hey! Why are you friends with that guy,anyways?”
The other boy replies, defensively, “I’m not friends with him! I just borrow money from him!”
Thanks to Sam for the submission.

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