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Oh my goodness.

I just returned from the local high school’s production of the season: Grease! Did it ever take me back to Junior High (does that grouping exist anymore?) and Olivia Newton John and the local joint where most kids my age smoked and we all ordered fries and gravy to go with the cigarettes. Anyone else remember those days?

For $20 I got a really fun evening. The kids were all heart, if sometimes off-key, and gave a funny, quirky performance. Somehow a lot of the songs seemed more appropriate coming from high school boys/men who probably were truly horny (well sorry, but really, they probably are!) than it did from the more mature Travolta and co. On a personal note, I was delighted to discover that “Hopelessly Devoted” no longer wrings tears from me, as it did 20 years ago without fail.

So. Frugal tip of the week? Check out your local high school productions!

Parents (lookin’ especially at you, Peter! – you know who you are!) do you have any great memories of seeing your kids in productions? And is it just me, or are kids way more willing to put themselves out there on stage (singing? really?) than we were back in the day?

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Frugal Friday – the joys of high school theatre production Comment

  1. I feel very blessed as I have several of these moments that continue all the way into University, and now even my step daughter at 14 will go on stage in front of a large audience and sing and play guitar on her own. technology and the net are the great equalizers in that kids today feel empowered to produce and publish without fear. this is progress!


    Apr 17, 2011

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