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I found a really interesting question posed on a fellow Canadian finance blog. She writes,

I just went to Quizno’s for lunch (I printed off a free coupon off their site!) and ordered a yummy sandwich. I paid via VISA (I’m only allowed 10 debit transactions for free a month) and promptly left. On the walk back to my office I realized that I never signed the Credit Card slip.

Now I know my VISA can be charged directly to my debit account, however, I didn’t enter a PIN, so I know that didn’t happen. The receipt I got shows that it was a VISA and the charge went through, but I don’t know if they can put the payment through if I didn’t sign the slip.

I’ll have to wait and see if it shows up on the ‘net.

This got me thinking – when it comes to company mistakes, how far will you go?

Wow. What a thoughtful question. I recall in my 20s, making a 15 minute trip back to a hardware store to give back a couple bucks for an item they’d neglected. I’d noticed at the time, hadn’t spoken up, but was troubled the whole way home.

I think my de facto m.o. is now: weigh out the cost to the business, plus my inconvenience to correct the mistake, plus estimating whether I’d want the customer to correct the mistake if I were in their shoes. (the answer isn’t always yes.)

How ’bout you?

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  1. karen

    Good question indeed…I think I too am one to factor in all sorts of consequences: for example, I never short a server, and will travel back to the restaurant if I even suspect that I didn’t tip or leave enough money, I guess I know from experience that often the mistake comes out of the server’s pocket. Large corporations do not get this consideration from me, but “mom & pop”s do.

    I will try to catch the person in front of me who left their change in the tray at Safeway.


    Jul 20, 2007

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