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Lululemon, Vancouver’s Chip Wilson’s wild success story, went from $18usd to $29.98usd between Friday, when it first became available for the public to purchase,  and this morning (Tuesday).yoga pants

It’s sexy, exciting and you won’t catch me buying it.

Why not?  I’ve purchased a couple clothing companies which had  flashes of glory (Le Chateux did me well),  but I’ve also purchased a few Cdn. companies that tried to make it big in the states, only to come home with their tail between their legs (to my regret, as much as anyone!).   I’m simply not convinced lululemon will manage to take it to the next level (ie. U.S. retail market) and continue being profitable enough to justify the current stock price.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Others who are credentialled (I’m not!  This is just an amateur’s take on the thing!) say yes, go for it.  Plus, I declined buying google, thinking it was overpriced.  Alas.  I could have been a millionaire by now! So make up your own mind.  I’m just sayin’ ….

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