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Practicing what I preach.cooking together

Money and politics and values are all entwined. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to discover how your food purchase habits can radicalize towards sustainability.

The 100-mile diet is all about encouraging those of us in the lower mainland to have plates full of locally produced food. Did you know our average meal travels 2400 kms from farm to your plate?

I’m going to give this a go, myself.  Frankly, eating properly for my body, much less for the planet, is a real struggle for me.  I eat on the fly, have a lot of packaged food, and rarely shop in any organized fashion.  As mentioned in previous posts, this costs my wallet, and more, costs my sense of well-being.  I’m hoping taking this kind of challenge with others will help me be more thoughtful and orderly in this area.

Here’s an event to learn more:

100mile challenge networking event

Rhizome Café at 317 E.Broadway

Thursday, July 26 between 6-9pm

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