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Do kids still learn about the Precambrian Shield these days?  Bushman, you’re not a kid, but you’re the youngest person I know up north.  Did you learn about it?  Any other Canadians out there learn about it?

Little known fact #1:  The reason it is comprised of  bare rock is that the last ice age scraped the rock clean of soil.

Little known fact #2:  The shield is of interest re: the origin of human life, because the rock is 2.5 – 4 billion years old.  Freaky, huh?

For my Fit in 15 today I decided to take my dogs exploring the shield today.

Readers, you can get a point towards the iPod shuffle and $20 iTunes giveaway  for leaving me a comment either giving me more ideas of how I can spend 15 minutes both getting fit and getting to know Yellowknife, OR for giving me any more info about the Shield!



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  1. tracey

    The Canadian Shield was the first part of North America to be permanently elevated above sea level. (from Wikipedia). Pretty sure jordan’s never heard of it as of grade 9. shame eh.


    Jun 18, 2009
  2. I took Geology 12 or “Rocks for Jocks” so I could hang out with all the cute jock guys who took that class. (Teacher was the Lacrosse and Rugby coach.) So yes, I learned all about the ol’ Canadian Shield! It’s actually pretty cool to get to see it now, I remember more about that class than ANY other of High School.

    Your dogs are super cute! The black one looks so similar to my Malcolm. 🙂


    Jun 18, 2009
  3. Warren

    Here’s my idea for your Fit in 15. Get a free flickr account. Grab your new camera and your two dogs. Show those of us who have never been further north than Lessor Slave Lake what Yellowknife looks like from a dog’s point of view. You will have lots of fun, learn how to use your camera, learn yet another social networking site (I bet there is a Yellowknife discussion group), I get to see what Yellowknife looks like from a unique perspective and you will walk your butt off. BTW…I really like the pictures of your dogs.


    Jun 18, 2009
  4. You know, Nancy, you could probably get a whole bunch of Fit-in-15 credits – plus a wonderful geology field trip – by starting a rock collection… Walking around to find just the perfect interesting rock specimens; bending over to pick them up; toting the rocks home in your backpack; piling them up in an attractive basket by your front door; moving the basket every time you need a bit of space to dump your rain boots; eventually getting frustrated and pitching the rocks out into the yard; moving the rocks (more walking and bending and throwing) when you need to mow the lawn… That’s got to be a month’s worth of good 15-minute workouts right there!


    Jun 23, 2009

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