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Ever shop at SHOPPERS? The CEO of the past 4 years has resigned. There’s no one inside the company ready to step up to the job, so a world wide search will be underway.
My opinion: As more and more provinces start to protest the stranglehold the Pharmaceutical Industry has, and as they start to insist on more access to generic brands and bulk-purchasing (YAY Ontario for taking the lead on this), pitching the job of CEO for Shopper’s is a pretty tough sell. Having said that, I have a vague notion that they make as much from their (gorgeous) makeup and perfume sales as selling prescriptions. On second though, nah, that can’t be true. Can it?

LINKED IN files to go public! (ie. the you’s and me’s of the world can buy stock in their company if it goes through) and hell yes, I’d invest! (per usual: don’t mistake me for a financial planner, or construe this advice! I’m just sharing my personal take here.)

NETFLIX is freaking out (as well all should probably be) about Bell and Roger’s evil plan to start charging us by-the-gig-consumed for internet usage as well as giving a generous amount and capping it. Apparently a lot of Canadians were stung when they started using Netflix, not realizing they were exceeding their allotted bandwidth as they watched movies. Ouch.

oh, and: Sarah is going to pay off $15,000 in Student Loans this year! Pop by her blog and wish her luck!

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