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Any Gen-X or Gen Y readers among you? I’m personally glad to see attention being paid to the implications of our demographics – ie., baby boomer cohort retiring, living longer, with high expectations (esp. re: healthcare) and a shrinking workforce. Here’s an eye-popping article from the Financial Post on the topic.

Ever heard of the Grameen Bank, the “bank for the poor”? Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus who really gave lift-off to microcredit? I heard him speak once at UBC. *Amazing* to say the least (speaking of big dreams). Well on Tuesday, at age 70, he got ousted from the Bank he founded. This is utterly baffling!

Google is going to overhaul YouTube to the tune of $100M+ in response to more TV available via the net, and Netflix shares tumbled after they poured money into the rights to stream Mad Men.

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