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This is a powerful post by an amazing young hip-hop feminist dj who I met at Ladyfest Vancouver. Lina is a Scandinavian world-travelling dj (Soulflower),who has a no-holds-barred take on art, music, money and feminism. I love how her turns of phrase (English not being her native language) serve to highlight ideas that perhaps our ears have tuned out when heard in American-style English. Virginia Wolfe stated that it takes a room of one’s own and some money for a woman to write fiction. Lina asks, what would it take for women’s interests to be accomplished in the political -small and large – arena? Her thoughts challenged me personally — to what extent does my business, Your Money by Design, simply serve to help people achieve their individual money goals, versus help us become strategic citizens with our money? Here’s her post:

It must be funny in the rich man’s world?

What do women really spend their money on and to whom do they give their money away?
Can women create a better world for themselves just by selecting different products/services to lift up other women entrepreneurs? If women start only to choose/select and support women-made products, women owned businesses/projects then will women get more women into powerful positions all around the world, and will the women’s status increase and women’s voice and interests therefore, in different political debates and discussions, be stronger and be taken more seriously?

In the future, women might not even have to discuss (demonstrate or beg) for their interests to get attention. Women might have the economy to just go in and run it (like health care, sport & music events, media channels) themselves for themselves.

Is this a healthy and long term sustainable way to enlighten and value women’s intelligence, time, wills, skills, bodies, creativities, interests, herstory and whole existence? To open up for young and other women to see, learn and increase self-esteem to develop their life for themselves?

The picture of women’s complexity will be more accepted which will shadow over worldwide stereotypes and prejudices against women. Like an explosion of development – on women’s terms! and other women in the future can enjoy a more diverse and a dynamic culture. And it goes without saying that it will be as common for women as for the guys to get together to do whatever without explaining why. Is it a way to prevent the attitude of take women for granted and captivate women from knowledge? That more women can quit “stand it”, “wait”, “hope for next time” or “live in a box” and instead be able to choose and to have a selection to choose from?

Women’s money into other women’s pockets will develop other women’s life. More women can then start to spend money on ideas, science, products and services they are interested in, need and value. New, other and less seen perspectives will be noticed at working places, museums, stores, in media, theatres, cinemas, roads, concerts, festivals, cities, in your home and in nature. Will a “feminist economy” also result in a positive and friendly developed environment for us all, perhaps a healthier world?

It needs your consciousness though, and might be difficult to implement in everyday life. It might also take time and energy to figure out where to live, eat, travel, work, shop, what to read, wear, drive, speak about, listen to and see in different geographical areas. Suddenly you realize, again, the domain and scope of the rich man’s world.

Lina – DJ Soulflower
DJ Soulflower

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