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With all the things you read in the news today, shortages, price hikes etc., Does it make you think that we’re in for some tough times ahead? Probably. But is it any different than it was back in the day? I think it’s just different, we adapted, we learned and moved on but the main thing is, did we learn from it?

My answer, well kinda, sorta  but not really, to be politically correct. Sure our lives got busier, our jobs are more demanding and so on. So what made us change and go away from so many things that we held so dear?

We forgot about the past. Not historical events, sacrifices or any of that but we forgot about the basics. Things are parents used to do, that we probably have fond memories of but don’t do now, like have a garden in the backyard.

It was not that long ago that most houses had a garden patch in the back yard, organic veggies where the norm and it just made sense to grow your own because it was cheaper and tasty. Growing a garden was a sense of pride. Who could grow the biggest pumpkin, for example, was a big attraction at local fairs.

Gardening was also a family affair.  It was time well spent nurturing a bond with your kids and teaching them about gardening and nature. It doesn’t stop there. Finding creative and interesting ways to cook your food and or play with it opens up limitless opportunities. Why not explore it?

That’s where I started putting all the pieces together and began thinking. How can I save money, learn, have fun and all while spending time with the family? The big light bulb went on in my head and that’s when I realized it was time to get back to basics. I discovered it didn’t take much to do everything I wanted, all while being ECO friendly. I thought they idea unique although really just common sense, but I wanted to share it so I created www.cuisinekids.com.

There’s lots of cool ideas and tips there —  everything from growing a garden to cooking what you grew, Eco friendly yard maintenance and tips on natural pesticides. Don’t forget it’s ok to  play with your food, so we include ideas on how to do that too.  That’s more for the kids but it’s fun. 🙂

Technology and gadgets are great but without the basics, they are bound to fail unless we have the foundation to build from. Life lessons. Skills etc. We’ve become to accustomed to cheap, easy and fast.  A throw away world. There’s a lot wrong with it and that’s where I think we fell of the trail from the past. The cost to our personally lives and enviroment? Is it worth it? I don’t think so maybe it’s time to consider getting back to basics.

Just something to think about.

Author: Dirke Botsford – creator of www.cusinekids.com – Have a comment, suggestion?

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