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http://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_the_bear/This man regularly stands outside of the VanCity building where I work. Often he’ll be by the starbucks (the one by the Main Street skytrain). Anyway,

Just received notice on this initiative happening citywide on Vancouver street-corners, Saturday the 23rd from 1-2pm.

I’ll extricate myself from work to be there.

8 Locations:
– Main St. & 33rd Avenue (Kia Salomons and CALM)
– Main St. & King Edward (Ned Jabobs and CALM)
– Arbutus & King Edward (Maggie Geiser and CHC)
– Broadway & McDonald (Julie Hughes and CHC)
– Broadway & Heather (Rider Cooey and CHC)
– Commercial & 1st Avenue (Dave Diewert and Streams of Justice)
– Cordova & Gore (Anne Kennedy and Social Justice Cttee. at St James Anglican Church)
– Burrard & Nelson (Bobbie Phillips and St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church Housing and Mental Health Action Group)

Please join us at any of the above locations. We have held STANDS for HOUSING at Main and 33rd Ave. since October, and we believe there can be a big impact with STANDS throughout the city.
The idea of the STAND is based on the moving example of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, mothers whose children were “disappeared”: by the military, ‘76 to ‘83. They stood every week in a city square wearing white scarves. The scarves became an international “brand” for peaceful protests.

Similarly, ours is not a rally, but a visual presence. Our initial STAND has been near Little Mountain Housing complex, awaiting ‘redevelopment’ in 2010 and with 100 homes already sitting empty. Your STAND could be within walking distance of your home. It need last for only one hour, Saturday, 1:00 to 2:00 pm. We hand out leaflets to pedestrians and cars at the red light, discussing the great and growing need for permanent social housing, not just temporary supportive housing. We urge people to join us or create their own STAND in their neighbourhoods.


We hope you’ll join this action on February 23 and beyond.
This action is organized by CALM, Citywide Housing Coalition, and Streams of Justice

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