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I’m more than a little choked at the reasons both NPA and the media are surmising I – and 67,598 of my fellow vancouverites – voted for Gregor/Vision/COPE.

The reasons cited by NPA and the media are precisely illustrative of the fact that They Don’t Get It and seem genuinely at a loss as to why the NPA might be swept out.

1.  They Dissed Us: Ladner himself, on SHAW TV live coverage, commented to the effect that those of us (67,599 of us) voted on superficialities … implying at one point, as superficially as Robertson’s good looks.  Similarly De Genova commented:  “Gregor Roberson? Nice guy, looks good, speaks well. Has zero experience, zero knowledge to find his way around town,” De Genova said.   Last, Mayencourt dissed all of us by a comment on camera to the effect that the NPA would start work the next morning so that next election we’d elect a decent (or a word to that effect) council – implying our newly elected one is not decent.

This kind of naive, narcissistic incredulity that they could possibly, possibly be voted out of office – so much so that they accuse the electorate of voting based on superficialities – is precisely the attitude that got them the boot.

2.  Media think it’s about the scandal.  I’ve seen plenty of media speculation that the scandal played a role in the outcome.   It certainly wasn’t in my case:  It simply confirmed my opinion of the NPA – surreptitiously, egotistically, making back-room deals with big-business, possibly at the long-term expense of the average-joe-taxpayer (of which I’m one).

Here’s why I voted Vision, pure and simple:  they seem to give a damn about us citizens, in a way that the NPA just.plain.doesn’t.   Full stop.  

Readers:  If you voted for Vision, did the scandal play a role?  And do you think you voted for a similar reason as I did?

2447825721_4376799b80_m.jpgGregor:  Best wishes, congrats, and keep giving a damn.

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  1. E

    I know you only asked for replies from people who voted for Vision — I did vote NPA and await the stoning — but I just wanted to point out that there appears to be a lot of evidence to support point #2. Ample evidence in exit polls & surveys suggest that undecided or apathetic voters were swayed to Vision because of the scandal.

    Those who were already decided Vision-voters were obviously not affected.


    Nov 20, 2008
  2. Hi E – no stoning forthcoming – I do respect democracy and diverse opinion, for sure, which is why I am so upset that those of us who voted differently were subjected to such derisive comments.
    If you have any links re: scandal, I’d be really interested to see them.
    And I’m sincerely glad you, like anyone who did, voted, period, even if for a party I don’t agree with.


    Nov 20, 2008
  3. What’s a little scary is characterizing this election along WASP/Other lines. I mean, in all honesty, I’m a WASP. “Gregor”??? Please. It’s racism, plain and simple.


    Nov 25, 2008
  4. Just found your blog, Nancy, through Twitter, and couldn’t resist posting on this question: I would side with E (though our household did vote a mixed-slate of candidates, being truly non-partisan).

    Moreover, we feel NPA was the best choice for the exact reason you didn’t vote NPA: Vision tends to be “surreptitiously, egotistically, making back-room deals with [small]-business, possibly at the long-term expense of the average-joe-taxpayer.” By contrast, the Millennium deal — regardless of whether or not you agree with it — was done according to council rules. We weren’t reassured that Gregor didn’t seem to understand this.


    Nov 26, 2008

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