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I just put over 0.5 tonnes of pollution ( CO2) into the air we all share by flying from Yellowknife to Vancouver.

Until this morning, I forgot to deal with it!  Sorry, Planet and fellow humans!

One solution would be to stay put, but I don’t have it in me to pull that one off.

There is something I can do though, and so can everybody:  factor the price of cleaning that pollution up (why wouldn’t I?) into my trip costs.  How?  By purchasing carbon offset credits.  The money we pay goes to things like helping build alternative energy sources so that in time we can wean off of energy that harms the environment.

I just paid $30 to a carbon offset project, which is apparently about what I owed to clean up my part of the pollution.

It’s pretty cool.  The project I supported is in India, near a sugar (cane) farm.  Previously, the discarded canes just got burnt up or left to rot, releasing methane and CO2 into the air.  Now, the discarded canes get used to create energy, and also get converted into fertilizer.  Both of these have created additional business for the farmers, in addition to the environmental benefits.  Check out the vid below.

Would you like to counteract the pollution created by your travel?  (and why wouldn’t you?) It’s really easy. The David Suzuki Foundation and Pembina Institute did the homework for us and recommend which companies to use (see page 10).  I used Less.ca, the top-rated one.  Drop in your starting point and your destination, and it figures out roughly how much pollution your trip generates, and how much it will cost to counteract, then you purchase the credits online.

Photo Credit: Andrew Albuquerque

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