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Yeah, that sounds kinda nuts.

But here’s where I’m coming from.   In 2009 I saw the film Food Inc., and have never really been the same since.  I went without pork for a year, and bought only free-range meat when I could.  I even valiantly tried to learn to fish and fillet them. Thankfully, a group of Yellowknifers went together to buy organic beef, pork and chickens from a pretty cool farm in Alberta, so bacon’s on the table once again.

This is all very good, but I have been aware of how utterly disconnected I  remain from my food (which has possibly prevented psychosis).

This summer was different.  In the UK, animals and farms are extraordinarily visible.  Again and again I was within yards of sheep, cows, pigs, goats and chickens.  They were how I like to think of livestock:  ranging freely, in lovely green pastures and rolling hills. If only that were the norm in North America!   I was even able to pet some of the cows and sheep!  While I’m still confounded about taking their lives eventually, at least knowing they had reasonably natural and peaceful grazing lives eases my discomfort.

When is the last time you drove by your future food?

And as ridiculous as it seems, this was my first time that I can recall that I ever saw cows chewing their cud! (ignore the talking in the clip).

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