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Mindy Abramowitz, our resident accountant (who is uber-cool, by the way) answers the perplexing question:

Should I lease?  Or should I buy?


red-convertible.jpgHere’s another question best answered, “It depends.”

People usually are talking about a car, but a discussion of the lease vs. buy dilemma applies to a wide variety of items: computers, equipment, even buildings.

Why lease?

  • Lower monthly payments
  • No down payment (depending on the lease)
  • Sales taxes are included in the monthly payment, so you don’t have to pay them up front
  • Easier to keep your equipment up-to-date because you can acquire a newer model at the end of the lease
  • Depreciation is not your concern (though it is factored into the lease cost)
  • Greater tax deduction if you use the item for business

Why buy?

  • The item is yours. You can customize it as you see fit.
  • It’s easier – there’s less paperwork and fewer terms to negotiate.
  • It’s up to you whether you repair it – you are not legally bound to maintain your vehicle or equipment.
  • No restrictions on use (mileage limits, etc.)
  • You can sell the item for cash.
  • Over the long term the cost is usually lower

How to compare:

  • Many leases present the cost of leasing right in the agreement, but if yours doesn’t, use an online lease-or-buy calculator to figure out how much the lease costs so you can compare it to the cost of purchasing.
  • The cost of purchasing is either your loan interest if you are financing the purchase, or, if you intend to buy outright, the after-tax return your cash would earn in an investment . If your interest is tax deductible (i.e. you are operating a business), then use the before-tax return on your investments.
  • If the lease term differs from the loan term, make sure you compare the annual or monthly cost of each.

I am ignoring the effect of down payments, sales taxes and other fees for the sake of simplicity, but if you need a more detailed cost analysis I encourage you to try a lease-or-buy calculator.

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