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Canajun Finances pointed out a CBC article quoting RBC, BMO, and TD economists who believe the loonie will drop to the mid ¢90’s by the end of 2008.loonie Rats. We’ll just have figured out how to navigate the increasingly stringent border issues, and then shopping in the states will be pointless.

LululemonLululemon, the Vancouver-based yogawear darling, is doing even better than expected, and their share price increased by 10%. (I shoulda bought. I shoulda bought).

10 days ’til LeopardLeopard is released! $129/usd for the license.

The Bank of Canada kept its rate steady today.

And Money Relations gives us the scoop on Warren Buffet’s forecast about our loonie et alia.

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Econ 101: Canadian loonie’s going to dive, lululemon shares jump, prime rate is steady, and 10 days til Leopard! Comment

  1. It’s okay about lululemon. I’ve learned to be more relaxed about investing and not stress out about missed opportunities. There are *so* many other opportunities so why chase something? I’m also not buying anything I am not wearing. I’d feel weird buying $100 yoga pants.


    Oct 16, 2007

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