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According to the Retail Council of Canada, for Holiday 2007, 94% of Canadians plan to give gifts to others, spending an average of $733. Furthermore, we’ll spend an additional $714 on travel, decorations, eating out etc. And a word to the wise: according to Moneris (the people who produce the machines we all swipe our cards on) this Friday (Dec. 21) between 2-3 pm is going to be the height of shopping.

HarrodsDecember is a critical month for retailers in Canada.

That got me thinking.

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If we canceled Christmas, Grinchwould we tank the Canadian economy?

(ps: for a fun post on how to christmas-buy, Canajan Finances provides ideas!)

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Econ 101: would the economy tank without Christmas? Comment

  1. well, we’re not going to cancel christmas any decade soon i guess. but here is an interesting youtube video about a similar topic – our fear of rocking the economic boat, and the ultimate consequences of that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK8RwcSDbI0


    Dec 26, 2007

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