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You heard it here (nearly) first!

1. Local uber-success story John Chow is running a contest on his blog for a bag full of great loot (great equates to things like a flip phone, for example) sponsored by market leverage. I’m in, and so can you be. Just pop on by his blog and leave a comment (and if you’re new to the blogosphere, we don’t spam! So don’t worry about entering).

2. If you need some art (I know I do) this is a must for Vancouverites:

The Cheaper Art Show
All art for $200

Free admission
Saturday, June 21, 2008
142 Waterstreet (old Storyeum building)
Vancouver BC

note: 75% of the sales go directly to the artist.

3. And if you use a mac, or are thinking of switching, here’s a deal that got me and the local AppleStore in 24hours, thanks to Buzz Bishop:

2523289618_125a8f381e_m.jpgApple give 52 1-hour one-on-one tutorials for $100. For real. Conditions are you go max once/week. They have a series of topics and tutorial plans, but you can also ask for whatever help you need. For example, I now can use ichat to visit mom in the nwt via video. My most recent sessions and the next ones are helping me create a podcast.

The genius of this great deal struck me: if I only go a couple times, they make money. If I go a lot of times, I become deeply embedded into mac = my loyalty, plus, I can help others with their macs.

Now, how can I figure out something similar for the bank I work for …

photo credit: lucke.justin

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Freebie (or nearly) Wednesday – cheap art, a great online contest, sample sales Comment

  1. L D

    Love your freebies!

    Can’t wait to hear of a set/wardrobe/prop sale!


    Jun 12, 2008

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