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Million Dollar Journey had a really fun post that appealed to the voyeur in me. He asked his readers, how much do you tip?

As the holiday season approaches, if you want to be a santa, not a scrooge, check out the blog’s responses and see how you stack up.

And if you’re bold – leave a comment here: how much to you tip?

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  1. It’s 15% for me pre-tax.

    Maybe I just don’t go to the fancy restaurants but I don’t see how saying, “may I take your order?”, “how’s everything going?” or “are you finished?” constitutes as service deserving a tip.

    Shouldn’t that be expected?

    Now, if they were particularly engaging I can see it. But not when they stop off 3 times as aforementioned through the course of the meal.


    Dec 08, 2007
  2. Traciatim

    I tip at about 15% of my pre-tax bill too. Usually since I live in NB and we have a 14% tax I just look at that and round up to the nearest logical amount.

    I will only not tip if the service was bad.


    Dec 08, 2007

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