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My pal over at SnowCoveredHills is running her annual I’m David Hasselhoff contest. After many attempts I concluded I could not contort myself into any semblance of the man, but in the process I discovered a few juicy tidbits about the man and his money.

So in the spirit of all things Lite, here’s a pop quiz for the weekend.

1. During his divorce from ex-wife Bach, she stated he was claiming poverty. How much did he claim he made per month?

2. What was the worst job he ever had?

3. What does money meant to The Hoff?

4. About how many $Million does he have?

5. According to David Hasselhoff, money cannot buy love or ___________________.


1. $5000/month (more than I make)

2. Selling alarms when he was 18.

3. “You know what money buys? Money buys the freedom to say F you to everybody and have a good time.”

4. $100. As in, he’s worth about $100,000,000.00


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Friday Lite — David Hasselhoff and his money Comment

  1. Contest results now available on my blog!
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