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Oh you may think this is just any old bacon. But I assure you. It is not! This, folks, this is the FIRST BACON I’VE HAD SINCE SUMMER 2009! Summer 2009 I saw FoodInc and lost all stomach for participating in the meat industry. But this little piggy had a free-range, organically fed life. And I’m assuming it had a humane death.
And I bought it last summer. And now it arrived up here in Yellowknife thanks to the uber-cool folks who source and cooperatively buy organic meat and ship it up here. THANK YOU JESS!
Contentment? ohhhh yeaaaaaah!

Steff – or anyone else – I’m hoping you can give me an awesome recipe for leg roasts? (legs aren’t a bad cut are they?) I have 4! And a shoulder shank? and What.On.Earth am I to do with a hunk of PORK FAT and also a whole bunch of hocks?

Bacon!  Free range organic bacon!  Hallelujah!

bacon!  bacn!  I live again

Breakfast of champions including free range organic bacon

Free range, certified organic pork from Sunworks

My 1/4 pig arrived!  Hello port roasts.  Hello pork ribs.

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  1. David Sullivan

    I’ve been back and forth between veganism and cold, hard carnivorousness. There’s certainly no Biblical indictment of eating animals and I like meat, but modern factory farming is just a death-mill. This looks like a great option to get meat from animals that have been humanely raised and humanely killed. Even then, I find myself asking–although usually after I have eaten my delicious bacon–whether I need to take the life of another creature in order to eat what pleases me. (FWIW, I am preparing a vegan lunch just now…)


    nancyzimmerman Reply:

    David there’s a book whose title alone (I haven’t yet read it) says it all: The Omnivore’s Dilemma. What to eat? What to eat? Like you I wonder if I need to kill another being to eat. The answer “yes” makes me pretty uncomfortable with myself. Guess I like to think I’m “above” the food chain. But I can’t see me going vegetarian, esp. way up north here. So for now, I’m eating only organic/free-range (sometimes difficult to obtain) and attempting to learn at least how to fish. At least those animals have had Animal Lives, not factory lives. But it’s an ongoing uncomfortable issue for me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have the loin of a former pig to dress and roast …


    Jan 24, 2011
  2. Hey! Well, pork’s something new I’m cooking, so I’d be googling all the cuts if I were you!

    You should definitely use a shoulder or butt portion to make some pulled pork (or carnitas salsa verde) for tacos or sandwiches, because it freezes great.

    You can google Mark Bittman’s “skillet pork chops 8 ways” for ideas for supper.

    Pot roasting is obvious.

    But, yeah, I don’t do a lot of pork — never ate it until about 2 years ago. You could cut some of the roast into cubes, if there’s a good roast that might stand up to grilling, and pre-marinate it as souvlaki, etc?

    Good luck. 🙂
    steff´s last [type] ..catching up with the speed of steff


    nancyzimmerman Reply:

    Thanks Steff! pulled pork – hadn’t even occurred to me. Knew you’d come up with something sexy. And off I go to google Mark for ideas!


    Jan 24, 2011

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