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Do you ever get irritated by the relentless Gotta Get The Latest Bright Shiny Object?

I’m an apple fangirl – and a stockholder – so I’m a bit ambivalent about the release of the iPad 2. Yay for improvements and yay for continued growth of a mighty fine company in which I hold shares.

But … I shelled out nearly $700 just less than a year ago for my iPad v.1 and you know what? It’s still awesome! No camera, no facetime, a wee bit thicker and heavier than the new one but… it’s still in perfect condition and I still absolutely love it.

So this woman won’t be rushing for the iPad 2. In fact, I think I’ll be content with my current iPad for a few years to come.

ps – thanks again for nabbing me my iPad, Kyle!

Photo Credit: Jared Earle

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