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James is a current client working through my online Money Coaching program. Here’s what happened when he completed module 2. It wasn’t easy. But it was good.

Dear Moneycoach:

Wow, what can I say… First of all, Happy New Year!

Speaking of the new year, I can tell this is going to be a year of growth for me in many aspects, including of course, the financial. Wow Nancy, going through modules 1 and 2 of your program, I have felt a whole set of emotions, going from excitement, to fear, to shock, depression, shame and now hope and possibility.

As I wrote to you before, I began with excitement, knowing that I will finally have tools in my hands to be able to be free from financial anxieties. I went through module 1 and that was fast. I noticed I had three credit cards and I took one out, so my wallet currently has two credit cards, the ones with the least credit limit. I had little problem with that.

Module 2, now that’s a different story. First, I unconsciously and consciously avoided going through it. But you know what they say, it is precisely those things we tend to avoid, that when finally undertake them, we experience the most growth. I think I avoided going through it because I felt fear of what I might find out.

Once I got a hand of my bank statements and started adding things up in your spreadsheet, I was shown a clear picture of why I have been stressing lately. I was shocked! I was shocked to see that if I tried to pay more then the minimum of the credit card balances, I wouldn’t have much cash left for me for the whole month. From there I went to feeling quite depressed and ashamed after realizing how careless I have been. I clearly had not been loving myself. But I do now, and once I have the big picture, I have realized that with a little effort, I can have a better grasp of where my money goes, and make decisions. I actually feel quite encouraged now, I know that this is the year I turn it around.

Thank you for devising this program and I can’t wait to get on with module 3. If I were to make a suggestion, I would make the meditation around money available throughout all the modules. When I was feeling all depressed, I felt I was needing something like that to help me reassure me that I’ll be fine.

FInancially, hopefully, yours,


James, we’ll call him, is a new client. A thirty-something professional with a good income, he wants his use of money to have integrity, that is to say, align with who he is as a person. And that, readers, is the heart and soul of what my biz, Your Money by Design is all about.

I’m giving James coaching support to supplement his work on my It’s Your Money program. In exchange, he will guest post reflections on the modules as he works through them.

Here’s why he wants to take the program:


Hi Nancy,

I guess part of the story of my life is delaying taking action in matters that are important to me, or that I have every indication that they will be important to me. And facing my “money issues” is one of those matters.

I have read or heard from different sources that how you deal with money is a reflection of how you deal with yourself, how much you love yourself. And all throughout my life, I have been dealing with low self esteem issues, with false beliefs about who I am, about others and about life in general. Even though I grew up in a middle to to high class environment, somehow I was always in a space of lack, I viewed life as this unfair structure that just “had it out” for some people, while favouring others. I felt I was one of those people life had it out for. It was this set of beliefs that drove many of my actions in life; the women and friends I chose to be with, career decisions and being clueless in matters of money.

The struggles I felt around my sense of self, others and life have led me to ask questions, that in due time have been answered. I have discovered that I am way more powerful than I originally thought. I have learned that by challenging false beliefs, finding my deeper truth (who I really am), setting clear intentions and acting in alignment with these intentions, I can basically have the life that I want and so much deserve, like everyone. I have also being introduced the concept of integrity, which basically is the way you measure how much in alignment with your intentions, and how to restore it when you all out of alignment or out of integrity. I have learned that shame, feeling bad, beating myself up about having falling out of integrity, is not going to get me back in integrity. I can admit to myself my mistakes while still loving myself, by viewing mistakes as part of being human and a vehicle that drives us to grow.

All these concepts have worked well for me in, slowly but surely, claiming back my life, my personal power. It feels as though waking up from a state of trance and looking around me and seeing the mess around me but instead of ignoring it, just slowly putting things in order. Well, the time has come for me to put my financials in order, to take steps to restore my financial integrity, so to speak. Part of the mess I have woken up to is finding myself in debt. Not too big but big enough to be noticeable and to send me warning flags that if I don’t do something soon, I may find myself in trouble. I see debt as the financial world’s way of measuring how much in integrity we are. If this is the case, I am out of integrity, and I want to restore it. Why did I take so long to take charge? Well, I felt ashamed, inadequate, a bad provider. But these feelings are no way to get to where I want to be, there is no power in feeling ashamed. So I have decided to face that shame and start taking my steps towards financial freedom.

I feel blessed that I have you as a source of guidance, and I can’t wait to get started in learning my way back to financial integrity. This is my intention for working with you Nancy, to learn how to clear all the false beliefs I have about money and my ability to be in a state of abundance. I look forward to this work with you.

To abundance,


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Prizes! I have a couple prizes! And some giveaways!

But let’s start with my first Thank You:

Thank You Lorraine!
Again, extreme thanks to Lorraine of Raincoaster Media. When she moved to Yellowknife from my home turf of Vancouver’s DTES, I knew the north had gained a treasure. What I didn’t know is what a treasure she’d be to me. She got me on as a regular contributor for a US-based blog that has, oh, about fourty times the traffic my own blog has. And then she got me onto The Bunker Project podcast, Show #53 which is one of Canada’s pre-eminent podcast shows with – gulp – listeners in excess of 100,000 did you say, Lorraine?
But more than that, she helped me take my concept from Nancy’s Kinda Goofy Idea into something real. As you can imagine, there were more than one Nancy-Freak-Out moments What do you mean Qik doesn’t archive?; No, no I really don’t think live-coaching is possible; CRAP I FORGOT TO BUY THE BOOZE!. Through it all, Lorraine was encouraging, creative, and my right-hand person.

More thanks forthcoming but now:

A PRIZE! for the Facebook Money Trivia Quiz!

The questions were:
1. Who are the bigger savers, Canadians or Americans (as of 2010)?
ANSWER: Americans! In a startling reversal of a long-held historic trend, Americans now save nearly double what Canadian’s save, per person. Canadians save less than 3% of their income; Americans save just over 6%

2. What is the fundamental difference between a credit union and a bank?
Credit unions are owned by their members; banks are owned by shareholders who may live anywhere and don’t necessarily use the bank.

3. How many modules are in my online money coaching program?
Go find out!

4. T/ F Jesus said “Money is the root of all evil”
False. It’s written in the book of Timothy, not at all attributed to Jesus, and it says The love of money [important distinction] is the root off all evil.

5. The touted ideal savings rate is 10%. How much do Canadians (or Americans) save as a percentage of their income?
See A to Q #2.

Congrats to April Smith who won the contest and won a gorgeous cushion with the word Abundance hand-sewn on – a cushion created exclusively for my online launch!

Thank you Bill, and Lee (and Devon and Nigel and …) of Kellett . They created Your Money by Design with care and enthusiasm above and beyond what I had any right to expect from a web developer. And Bill made it possible when it looked like it wasn’t. Gratitude to you!

Thank you to the people who participated – to Lowell-Ann (midlife/silver-collar career coach), Betty-Anne (coachee), Melanie (coachee) , Krsytal (tweet chat) and Marcy (tweet chat) . The day would have been monotone, and frankly impossible, without out. Thank you!

GIVEAWAY TIME to some 604 friends. My BFF Anita, of First Weekend Club graciously donated 5 pairs of tickets to the Vancouver Canada Screens Series – of your choice! Thanks, Anita!

I’d like to give them to some Vancouver friends who showed me particular luv, promoting my online launch party via FB, G+, Twitter, Blogs. I am truly grateful. I have 5 pairs so if I figured out correctly, the most wide-ranging luv came from:

Kate Trgovac

Julie Linkletter

Maggie Murray

Isabella Mori

Beatrice Scott

Winners, kindly “e” me at nancy [at] your money by design .com And I’ll forward your info to Anita to claim the pair of tickets.

Thank You to all who graciously promoted the event.
I felt so much support, and I can’t tell you what that means to me. You helped get the word out about my business, which is about helping folks with their money, so close to the bone. Karma to you! and to you, young and handsome who-knows-how-to-cook (any young women reading??) Kyle for the podcast in advance!
By conservative estimates, I’d say easily 10,000 people would have heard about the event through you all. What a start! THANK YOU.


To be entered for the prize leave a comment answering this question: What other ways to you recommend that I promote Your Money by Design without breaking my own bank?

A number of people gave me golden answers on my livestream yesterday (starting at the 4:45 min below) but I’m still looking for more! Leave a comment by midnight Monday, Sept 12th and you’ll be in the draw for the $100 gift certificate to Amazon.

In the draw so far: Mira, Amy, Megan, Joey, Paul, Kate, Gregg, Jason, Liz

Video streaming by Ustream

AND THE WINNER IS …  (via Random Generator)… MIRA!~!    Congrats, Mira, I’ll msg you on FB.

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What a day yesterday. What a day. Huge, massive props to raincoaster who took my concept and made it reality AND picked up the booze TO BOOT for the IRL part of the launch because I forgot the booze! More about her later.

So for those who missed it, here’s the after-after-party recap:

10:45 AM John Chow called me! as in JOHN CHOW WHO MAKES NORTH OF $40,000.00 PER MONTH OFF HIS BLOG called me!
Well technically I called him but he answered! Seriously – that was fun; thanks John! Here’s my conversation with him.

11:00 AM I jumped online with a livestream talk about why I’m so passionate about helping folks get a handle on their money via my business, Your Money by Design. There are micro reasons and macro reasons. Hear me get all on fire and a bit political here.

11:15 AM And then we hopped over to twitter (let’s connect there!) where 20-something Krystal, who paid off her student loan of $20K within 2 years, and now is a homeowner in Greater Vancouver and Marcy, a mortgage broker in GTO who helps women get mortgages because “Prince Charming is not a mortgage strategy”, had a ranging conversation with me about folks and their money. Other tweeps tweeted their thoughts too (holy. how’s that for alliteration. but don’t say it fast). You can replay it all on my CoverItLive post.

12:00 PM Live Coaching! Melanie and her wife Liz got married two years ago and they also have each been going back to school. They have student debt and want to balance paying that off with their goals of home ownership and having a family within the next five years. Watch the live-coaching replay here.

12:30 Then it was over to the Your Money by Design Facebook Fanpage for a money trivia contest.
The 5 questions were:

1. Who are the bigger savers, Canadians or Americans (as of 2010)?
2. What is the fundamental difference between a credit union and a bank?
3. How many modules are in my online money coaching program?
4. T/ F Jesus said “Money is the root of all evil”
5. The touted ideal savings rate is 10%. How much do Canadians (or Americans) save as a percentage of their income?

1:30 LUNCH! and Nancy Money-Coaches the Daschunds! (to little effect)

2:00 Livestream with Lowell Ann Fuglsang about how to handle being stuck in a job you hate because of the money. Listen to our thoughts here!

2:30 – 3:30 Then I riffed some further thoughts via live-blogging in response to some lovely testimonials from clients past and present provided:

Testimonial #1 (Thanks B&J!)
On feeling hope again about getting out of debt

Testimonial #2 (Thanks Karen!)
About pulling your head out of the sand about your money (I help the process feel safe!)

Testimonial #3 (Thanks Kathryn!)
Developing a healthy relationship with money

4:30 Livestream coaching again with a Yellowknife woman who is suddenly single. Previously, she did not attend to the money in their household. Now, she not only knows she needs to, but really is excited about taking control so that it empowers her life-purpose. (Note the stunning backdrop to our convo too!). Replay it here.

OUT OF BREATH YET? I sure was.

And then I realized I’d messed up! I had in my mind the IRL part of the launch was at 5:30 but OOPS I’d sent THE INVITE FOR 5pm! So my wonderful, fantastic northern friends were all patiently (told you they were wonderful) for me as I dashed back home to celebrate with some cupcakes and champagne (which Lorraine had to buy because I forgot that too!)
Nevertheless, it was really fun and kinda wild to be celebrating with friends here in my northern home, and livestreaming it, and catching texts from folks, and being joined on skype by friends in Australia and Vancouver (and Halifax but I missed that one, sigh!)

And then it was time to call it a day, and collapse into the illustrious Gold Range with a handful of friends for the best chinese food in town.


Thanks to my experience with Nancy’s Money Coaching, I now have a healthy relationship with my money. Using techniques & strategies she taught, combined with tackling my old and outdated belief system around money, I managed to extract myself from $25K in debt. No more dreaded credit card bills weighing me down, no more not knowing what’s happening to my money – now I live within my means and feel pride in how well managed it is!

Vancouver, BC

How do you perceive yourself and your money? Do you have a healthy relationship? Do you avoid it? Feel anxious about it? Feel it’s beneath you to think about it?

Money should be a reflection of you and your values – a means of bringing more of yourself into the world. It can be a wonderful blessing, something that nourishes you and people you love, and allows you to help create the kind of world you want to see.

If you are skittish around it, or uninvolved, it’s like a loose energy that may not be helpful to you or people you care about or your community.

If you’re ready to get intimate with your money, start with my simple step-by-step program, It’s Your Money!

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