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This is complete unrelated to money, but it’s a fun story. I remembered it while reading penmachine ‘s post about the PNE.


photo credit: vancouveriste

Here goes:

I worked reception each summer during university. When the outdoor concerts were introduced, naturally we got flooded with phone calls from irritated neighbours (understandably). There really wasn’t anything that we could do except apologize.

Except one night.

One night, the same (frankly, crotchety) woman called for the umpteenth time to complain. Her call came through just moments after I’d heard on the security radio that the last song was winding down and the show would be done.

So this time, when the crotchety woman started to rant, I was able to interupt and say, “you know what? I completely agree with you. Give me 3 minutes, and I’ll arrange for the concert to close so you can enjoy your evening in peace”.

Blown away, she hung up, and I imagine she was even more blown away when, indeed, the concert concluded moments later.

Somewhere, some lady, had her moment, when she called and got a concert shut down.

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Thursday Post: my favourite PNE story, in which a caller Got Satisfaction Comment

  1. Love it …what a great story.


    Aug 22, 2008

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