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MJ (aka ‘urbanista’), Vancouver’s coolest and geekiest (in the best sense of the word) realtor and I have teamed up to create a podcast called SavvyGreen.

The mission is to provide info on living and contributing to a sustainable, affordable, eco-friendly lifestyle in Vancouver.

Have a listen to our first episode!

About the Author

Imagine if Canadians were known for being all over their money. Engaged. Proactive. Getting out of debt. Savvy. Saving. Generous. Nancy wants to help. Nancy started her own journey with money over 15 years ago, and formed her company “Your Money by Design” in 2004 to help others along the same path. It’s not the usual financial advising/investment stuff. It’s about taking control of day-to-day finances –managing monthly cashflow effectively, spending appropriately, getting out of debt, saving. If you're ready to take control over your finances, pop by her business site, YourMoneybyDesign.com


  1. Pre-congrats! I’m making the rounds late on my blog reading so I hadn’t had a chance to listen yet but how exciting to take it to the “next level”! Very cool 🙂


    Dec 20, 2007
  2. I just wanted to drop you a comment because I found your site via Stumbleupon! Whats funny is I listen to a lot of podcast and this is the first one I have ever been sent to via the great and powerful Stumble! So I thought what the heck I’ll give you a thumbs up and I was the first one to do so. Hopefully this will bring you some traffic.


    Dec 20, 2007
  3. Hey, Justin, thanks! Checked out your site/podcast – wicked! I’ll check back in periodically. Gave a bit of love to you back via twitter.


    Dec 22, 2007

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